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Why Hotfix Crystals Stuck on the Tip of Hotfix Applicator?

If you are regularly using Hotfix Applicator, you may experience that sometimes the hotfix crystals stuck at the tip of hotfix applicator. Why do that happen?

There are 2 reasons on why it happens. The most likely reason is the hotfix crystals can get stuck because the hotfix applicator is pushed too hard on top of the hotfix crystal. This still can happen even you doing it for many times.

The second reason on why it happen is the hotfix applicator tip is dirty, a lot of glue stick to it. All you have to do is clean up the tips with cleaning brush. Wire brush is very effective.

If hotfix crystals stuck on the tip of the hotfix applicator, the best way to remove them is by using an awl. To remove it, slot awl tips into the slot of the hotfix applicator brass tip, while pushing the awl down to crystal on the garment – lift the tool off.