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Swarovski Elements Art 2028, 2038 & 2058

Swarovski Art (Article) 2028 Xilion Rose Flat Back was released back in 2004. Both Hotfix & non-Hotfix crystals were using the same Art No.

In 2011, Swarovski starts to replace the 2028 cut with the new 2038 & 2058 Xilion Rose Enhanced. 2038 denotes Hotfix Crystal, whilst the 2058 is the non-Hotfix version. Both 2028 & 2038/2058 have the same unique 14 facetted cut.

The main different between art 2028 & 2038/2058 is the new style has higher profile and smaller table (ie. top facet) which produces more brilliance on the outer edges and a broader spectrum of colors. It can be seen clearly in the photo below.

Swarovski 2038/2058 vs 2028 Top

For the 2038 Hotfix version, the glue has different color than the 2028 version. The 2038 has bronze colored glue while 2028 has grey colored glue. See the photo below.

Swarovski 2038 vs 2028 Bottom

The 2028 continue to be on the market until the inventory depletes.