Ever wonder why Swarovski Hotfix Crystals are so expensive? The main reasons are Swarovski Crystal sparkling the most & the cuttings are very precise.

How about Preciosa Hotfix Crystals which claim to be the second? How about cheap imitation hotfix crystals from China?

Let’s compare them by putting them side by side. Through naked eyes, we can’t see the difference but due to its size, we can see it very clearly.

We decided to make it more dramatic by producing images with 14 times magnification. To do this, we have to set up proper equipment to capture the images.

The images below are the outcome of our set up. The crystal used are SS20 Crystal (First Image) & SS20 Crystal AB (Second Image)

Image 1 : SS20 Crystal

Swarovski vs Preciosa Crystal

Image 2 : SS20 Crystal AB

Swarovski vs Preciosa Crystal AB

You can see clearly the Swarovski sparkles the most & the cuttings are very precise. The quality of Preciosa is very good too although not as good as Swarovski. China-made imitation crystal, however, shows the worst quality in terms of the sparkle and cutting.

Being the highest quality, of course Swarovski is the most expensive crystal in the market. However, we believe Preciosa crystals are the best substitute over Swarovski and more affordable.

Both Swarovski and Preciosa crystals are available at Zianit Crystal shop.

BeJeweler Pro Hotfix Applicator is one of the best tools to apply hotfix crystals especially swarovski crystals. The fact is, this applicator is the original hotfix applicator invented by Swarovski for hotfix rhinestones

It is very easy to use. Select the correct tip size, pick the crystal, let the glue melt & apply it on your items such clothing. Your items will look more elegant & stunning with crystal.

In Malaysia, you can buy the original BeJeweler Pro Hot Fix Applicator through Zianit Crystal website. It comes with FREE shipping and FREE power adapter.

Below are 2 videos on how to use BeJeweler Pro Hot Fix Applicator

Video credit to Beadaholique